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DIY 2002 New England

Canton, Massachusetts

October 26, 2002

What is it?

This is the third year of an amateur Do-It-Yourself loudspeaker builder event held in various places around the country. They are held by an informal group of enthusiasts as an excuse to spend an entire day doing nothing but listening to loudspeaker systems, eating hors d'oevres and fast food, BS on other topics and last, but not least, learn something in the process (hopefully related to design of loudspeaker systems).

There is one competitive aspect to this year's event, that being the crossover for the selected driver/box design. The main session for listening to and comparing crossovers will take place in Washington, DC, but for those who may have a crossover available (maybe a copy of the one sent to DC), there will be a setup at the NE event for listening sessions. Don't infer from this that it is in any way a separate "competition". If you want to be considered in the actual competition, you must send in your entry to the DC event. Just be aware that there will be a set of the speakers available at the NE event.

When is it?

The New England area DIY 2002 loudspeaker event is scheduled for Saturday, the 26th of October. Since it will be in my home and my wife will leave for the weekend, it can start as early and end as late as anyone wishes.

You may arrive any time from 9:00 a.m until we decide to quit. This may be dinner time or midnight, I don't know yet.

Where is it?

This will be the first DIY event held in the northeast. It will held in my (modestly sized) home in Canton, MA. I have included links to maps and driving directions at the bottom of this page. NOTE: Be aware that there is an error in all but the most detailed of the MapQuest maps for my street. This is explained with the maps.

Who can come?

Anyone can come. No reservations are required, just a willingness to listen to (put up with) highly intelligent, strongly opinionated (!) people talk shop about loudspeakers. I would appreciate it if you would give me a heads-up, though, so I can plan accordingly.

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Measurement Systems

There will be at least two and maybe three different measurement systems available. I will have LAUD and SoundEasy v5.0 (both running on old Pentium 133 systems, but with 96M ram they do alright). Pierre will be bringing his Clio system. My basement is my work area, so any measurements can be taken there. This will leave the main room upstairs for listening sessions. We can also move a measurement system upstairs to measure those systems which will be too difficult to take into the basement.

Front End

I will have my minimal amount of front end hardware available. These are:

Anyone coming to the NE event who has any component which they would like to bring is certainly welcome and encouraged. It would be helpful. I usually use my Aragon amp for testing as well as listening. I have a Pioneer receiver for use, but it is not nearly as transparent as the Aragon, though I suppose I could use it for the testing instead, due to the MLS cross-correlation eliminating front-end influence.


I am in Canton, MA, near the junction of I-95 and I-93 (also known as the 128 Loop around Boston), on the southwest side of Boston.

Canton, MA area map

Complete directions and more maps

Pictures from the event


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