DIY 2003 New England

Canton, Massachusetts

October 11, 2003

DIY 2003 will again not be a competition. There have been discussions about having another competition, but I would prefer to keep the focus on listening to whatever anyone may wish to bring and allow for feedback if desired. I don't think that my listening environment allows for ease of evaluating a large number of designs, anyway.

Auditioning Equipment

I will again have my minimal amount of front end hardware available. These are:

Anyone coming to the NE event who has any component which they would like to bring is certainly welcome and encouraged.

Measurement Systems

There will be at least two and maybe three different measurement systems available. I will have SoundEasy v8.0 on a Pentium 4 (2.4Gig) and LAUD v3.0 on a Celeron 400. At DIY 2002 Pierre brought his Clio system, but I don't know if that will be available again this year.

John K will be giving a demonstration on the abilities and use of SoundEasy v8.0 at this DIY event. Anyone who is interested in it all won't want to miss this.

My basement is my work area, so most measurements will be taken there. This will leave the main room upstairs primarily for listening sessions. We can also move a measurement system upstairs to measure those systems which will be too difficult to take into the basement, if anyone requests it.

I have a small number of baffle inserts for my large (now 2m x 2m) baffle for testing raw drivers. If I happen to have the size needed, raw drivers can be measured if anyone wants one measured.


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