DIY 2005 New England Spring Warmup

These are a few of the photos taken at John K's house. There was a lot of interest in the dipole/cardiod systems present.

Click on a picture to see a full size version. It should open in a new window.

diy2005warmup0005.jpg diy2005warmup0008.jpg diy2005warmup0016.jpg
diy2005warmup0004.jpg diy2005warmup0003.jpg diy2005warmup0002.jpg
diy2005warmup0001.jpg diy2005warmup0006.jpg diy2005warmup0007.jpg
diy2005warmup0009.jpg diy2005warmup0010.jpg diy2005warmup0011.jpg
diy2005warmup0012.jpg diy2005warmup0014.jpg diy2005warmup0017.jpg
diy2005warmup0018.jpg diy2005warmup0019.jpg