DIY 2008 New England

Canton, Massachusetts

October 18, 2008

DIY 2008 will, as usual now, not be a competition. I prefer to keep the focus on listening to whatever anyone may wish to bring and allow for feedback if desired.

Who's Bringing What

I added this section because some folks tell me what they expect or have in mind to bring. I haven't been prodding yet, so I have little info to this point this year. If you plan to come and can let me know what you'll bring, I'll try to add it to this page.

Auditioning Equipment

This year will be more like earlier ones with a couple of additions of hardware, all noted below.

My equipment will be:

Anyone coming to the NE event who has any component which they would like to bring is certainly welcome and encouraged.

Measurement Systems

There is usually little time to measure upstairs due to the auditioning and limited space. My basement is my work area, so most measurements will be taken there. LAUD v3.0 will be available for systems that can be moved there. This will leave the living room primarily for listening sessions, but if it's not prudent to haul a system downstairs, we may try to measure upstairs when things slow down.

I have a small number of baffle inserts for my large (now 2m x 2m) baffle for testing raw drivers. If I happen to have the size needed, raw drivers may be measured if anyone requests it.

What's New This Year

SoundEasy has a lot of functionality. I've been using its Digital Equalizer/Digital Filter (DE/DF) capabilities with each crossover. It's really convenient to audition a design without ever building a physical crossover. This isn't really new this year, but I'll be using it with some new crossovers. There are also quite a few new changes in SE from last year's version.

Soundeasy will also be available downstairs if a demonstration is desired and if time permits.


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