DIY 2018 New England

Canton, Massachusetts

October 20, 2018

Updated October 14

DIY New England 2018 will be October 20th.

I didn't host last year for several reasons, but I'm glad to be hosting this year. It's looking like a smaller gathering so far, but we'll have a few outside systems and some headphones with a new headphone amp to audition if that can be worked out. I've got several of my own, mainly an Sennheiser HD580 set. One set that will be here is a modestly priced Sennheiser that I heard recently and that I feel exceeds the quality of my HD580. Really surprising. As well, the new, small headphone amp was really impressive.

Be sure to bring CDs with tunes that you would like to use. We often tend to re-use the same passages when comparing, but I'd like to hear a wider range.

Who's Bringing What

At this time I don't have a list of who/what, I was late to put up the date posts and details are sparse from attendees.

My system will be my dipoles (woofer and mid) with monopole tweeter. I may also have a hacked set of closed box 3-ways with an old Dahlquist active crossover for the woofer lowpass. I measured it with the woofer and found it to provide nearly the ideal lowpass for the native response of the woofer. It was better for the woofer as it precludes any crossover interaction with the woofer impedance profile.


As before, let me say...BRING YOUR CDs!!! The crowd determines what is played and when, but please bring any CDs that you like. There's no guarantee of getting a lot of time on anything, but everyone is encouraged to request their preference during the day. At times the same passages are played for sake of comparison, but I'd like to have more variety of music to keep things from getting stale.

Auditioning Equipment

My equipment will be as noted below.

Anyone coming to the NE event who has any component which they would like to bring is certainly welcome and encouraged.

My Dipole System

SoundEasy has a lot of functionality. I've previously been using its Digital Equalizer/Digital Filter (DE/DF) capabilities with each crossover and am now using the v5 versions of the Ultimate Equalizer, UE10 on the way (probably too late to arrive). It's really convenient to audition a design without ever building a physical crossover. It's even easier to "design" a crossover by making SPL measurements (impedance not needed), selecting the Fc and slope for each section, then runing it. As simple as that. There are other considerations, of course, but those are the basics. I still like to offset drivers to prevent the need for excessive time delays that impact the off-axis. Diffraction control also helps in the same way that it does for passive crossovers, but it's once drivers are mounted on baffles, the process is quick. So many combinations can be tested so quickly.

Snacks and Lunch

I provide some finger food and snacks to carry us through to lunch, but if you have an idea of something better than chips, bagels and veggies with dip, feel free to add to it. Maybe you want something sugar-free or low sodium, etc. There's always quite a bit left over in any case, so don't go overboard. Don't feel like you have to bring something either, in the end there's usually more than we can eat.

We typically order out for lunch, most often for delivery pizzas, and everyone chips in. This usually works for everyone, but there are options if anyone wishes to make the trip to the end of my street to one of several restaurants. There's Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and a couple of others in one direction. My favorite pizza parlor is 1.5 miles the other way.


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