484 Bolivar Street, Canton, MA

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Maps (2005)
Intersection of I-95 and I-93

The easiest way to go (from any direction) is to go to Exit 11A on I-95, the closest exit to the junction with I-93.

Large area, Exit 11, I-95

I-95 and I-93 detail.

Exit 11, I-95

Take Exit 11A (Neponset Street, it heads East), the Canton exit.

Exit 11 Closeup

Exit 11A detail.

Exit 11 Zoom

Canton Center is a couple of miles from I-95. Follow Neponset Street all the way. It will veer sharply left to pass under a railroad tresle, then curve back right. Continue until you come to the end. You'll go through one light near Canton center, at which point it becomes a short one-way street. Get into the left lane. The next intersection is that of Neponset and Washington (dead center on the map).

Neponset & Washington Intersection, Town Center

Turn left onto Washington street. It has small shops all along it.

Neponset & Washington Detail

The first light on Washington Street is the intersection with Bolivar Street. Turn right, then go about 0.7 mile, remembering that you will go under another railroad trestle which is a slow, quick S-turn, left then right.

Washington & Bolivar

Note that this is the first map showing Bolivar wrong. It actually goes under the rail line.

Bolivar (map error, it goes under the rail line)

This also has it wrong. The star (my house location) is just before the end of Bolivar, on the left.
484 Bolivar Street

If you end up at a stop sign with the ballfield in front of you, you just passed my house. Mine is the 2-story brown house opposite the small convenient store.