DIY 2003 New England - Pictures

These are some of the pictures from New England DIY 2003. They were selected from those taken by Matthew Olson and Mike Barney. Thanks, guys.

Matthew, the Master of Ceremonies, at work. Note my wife and my greyhound (Boolie, from Ireland) in the background, trying to stay out of the way!

First up were the Lowther's in a TL by Martin King. There was a brief period where we all held our breath after first powerup. One interconnect had a problem sending some very "unusual" sounds to the driver, but fortunately it held up just fine.

These were the big boys at the event, the 4-way from Pierre Lorraine. They had just been finished and weren't fully tweaked, but sounded good nonetheless.

John K. put on a lengthy demonstration of SoundEasy v8 in my basement office/workshop while listening sessions were underway upstairs. Matthew couldn't get much closer to the screen!

Here's a closeup of the 2-way by Steve Connors. They consist of an Accuton mid/woofer and a Seas Millenium.

Another shot of Pierre's 4-way.

Here's a closeup of the "Bose Busters" by Robert Grayton (I hope I remembered correctly).

These were considered by most to have the best sound at the show. They are the work of Jacques Roy and consist of a Seas P17 and Scan-Speak D2010/8513. The biggest problem that they have is the diffraction due to essentially no baffle for the tweeter. Even so, the hole created wasn't overly obvious in short term listening. Since the problem is a dip centered at 6.5K, it didn't stand out. Late in the evening we took them downstairs and used them with my Velodyne ULD-II 15" sub. They were a very good match.

This is one of the two amps that Matthew made and that were used for all auditioning. We never got around to bringing the Aragon's up from the basement.

This is my (still un-veneered) 3-way. I didn't get a chance to haul them upstairs. They now use the OW1 with a 13m offset by 3/4" and are highly treated with felt. Not the old M/T box on the floor. The mic was placed in front of the mid while John tried to get things checked out with my new computer/SoundEasy install.

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