DIY 2003 New England - Pictures

These are some of the pictures from New England DIY 2003. They were selected from those taken by Matthew Olson and Mike Barney. Thanks, guys.

There was no question as to who had the best ears! Note how Boolie and John had the prime listening spots.

From the lower left we have Matthew Olson, Pierre Lorrain, Doug Packard, Pete Hodovanec behind Jacques Roy, Jean-Philippe Mendes, Boolie, John Kreskovsky, Travis Pierce (?) and Robert Grayton.

Martin and his Lowthers.

A closeup of the Lowthers.

Jacques Roy and his 2-ways.

Another angle of Jacques' 2-ways.

Matt showing off his amps.

Another shot of Steve's 2-way, properly oriented.

A side shot of Pierre's 4-way and outboard crossover.

My basement refuge.

John K. at work again on Matt's laptop with SoundEasy v8.

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